Design approach and implementation of a remote and microcontroller based Fan speed control using temperature sensor in Post Covid-19 era

This work presents an innovative prototype design approach and implementation of a microcontroller based temperature control system. The work aim at developing a prototype for microcontroller based temperature control for fan speed regulation and developing an algorithm that automatically switches on or off the fan depending on the temperature of the room or any area of interest ;and to integrate RF module for wireless communication between the transmitter unit and receiver unit. In this work, technologies adopted are microcontroller technologies, sensor technologies, radio frequency module technologies and liquid crystal display technologies. In other words, the adopted technologies when cascaded will help in actualizing the design and implementation of a remote microcontroller based fan system using temperature sensor. The system simulation and prototype worked effectively and efficiently to change the fan speed at different temperature. Pulse width modulation technique is appropriate and it is incorporated in this paper. The various applications and research efforts are also examined in this work, showing remarkable improvement in temperature control system. Keywords: Sensor, Temperature, System, Control, Technology.

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