Evaluation of technical power losses of the Nigerian 330kV network

In recent times, electric power demand has increased drastically due to increase in population and industrialization that need electrical energy unfortunately, electricity is not always used in large demand in the same location it is being generated. Once cables are used to transmit the generated electricity either through underground or overhead system method, this transmission does not take place without encountering losses, either technically or Non-technically. Different methods like Depezo loss formula, loss factor, use of system parameters for evaluating the system losses, the differential power loss and power flow methods, B-losses coefficient, which expresses the transmission losses as a function of outputs of all generation are explained in this paper on how they can be used to solve this technical losses. Measures to be taken to make sure that transmission losses can be reduced to minimum, were also explained. Keywords ; Technical loss, Depezo, Power System, Transmission System

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