GSM is one of the most used communication networks today. Almost every person has a mobile telephony these days, which are used as terminals for the voice calls. This paper presents the use of GSM Based Control System for Domestic Home Appliance networks to monitor and control the house/office appliances (such as lighting systems, washing machines, refrigerators, TV set, fan, and air-conditioner etc.) and other equipment locally using built-in input and output device. The key reasons behind the work is receiving the CALL and a fix DTMF TONE and processing it further as required to perform several operations. The type of the operation to be performed depends on the key pressed. The principle operation in which the work is based is fairly simple and making peoples’ lives easy. Firstly, the system uses Dual Tone Multiple Frequency is sent via the mobile keypad and then it is decoded through a decoder and sent to the intermediate hardware that we have designed according to the command received in form of the Dual Tone Multiple Frequency. The DTMF TONE is sent from the mobile set that contains commands in DTMF form which are then processed accordingly to perform the required task. System development involves implementing the different hardware modules (power supply, GSM, microcontroller, relays, and loads) making up the system. Though these systems are good, unfortunately, they are only effective for short distances of 100km within a particular locality. Keywords: Home Automation, Dual Tone Multiple Frequency, 8051 Microcontroller and Relay

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