Hotel Operations and Environmental Sustainability in Post-Covid 19 Hotel Industry

The Hospitality Industry over the past several years has turned their focus to the importance of environmental sustainability as it relates to hotel development and operations, The aim of this paper is to review hotel operations and environmental sustainability in post covid -19 hotel industry. This study is carried out based on the secondary data sources, various literature, newspapers, organisational and government publications, website materials and other sources are used to find out and complete the study, literature on hotel operations, hotel impact on environment, environmental sustainability in the hotel industry, COVID-19 effect on hotel industry, strategies and COVID-19 guidelines are well discussed, The findings shows that the economy of hotel industry has been heavily hit by COVID-19 pandemic and solutions proffered for this problem are for the hoteliers to adopt environmental sustainability strategies and COVID -19 guidelines for the welfare of their guest. Keywords: hotel operation, environmental sustainability, COVID-19 pandemic

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