Uses of Heteroskedasticity Analysis in Some Selected Factors on Gross Domestic Product in Nigeria

This research paper analyzed the aids of each sector (Agriculture, Industry, Trade, Construction and services) to Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product growth. Secondary data was used for the study. The data was sourced from the statistical bulletin of Central bank of Nigeria (CBN) within the year 1981-2018 – a thirty- eight year period. Ordinary Least Square (OLS) method was used in this research paper. This paper revealed that all the sectors provide significant contribution to the gross domestic product (GDP) in Nigeria. From the heteroskedasticity analysis, the agriculture and construction sectors contribution have significant influence on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth in Nigeria. KEYWORDS: Econometrics, GDP growth, Agriculture Sector, Industry Sector, Service Sector, , OLS, Heteroskedasticity

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