Improvement of Citizens Wellness Against COVID-19 Pandemic (A Review on Food and Urban Policies)

The wellness and well being of its citizens is every country’s number one priority, but then the emergence of the corona virus put a huge question mark to the idea, crippling most countries and their citizens. The ongoing pandemic caused by the corona-virus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is literally changing the world. From December 2019 to date, more than 22million cases have been reported worldwide and global health institutions are acting to slow down the virus transmission and are looking for possible prevention strategies in case of a new outbreak. As in other pandemic phenomena, the issues mostly covered by scientific and media attentions are related to the diagnostic and therapeutic approach of COVID-19. However, a still neglected issue regards the adoption of a more systemic approach considering the close connection among the infection, the environment and human behaviors including the role of diet and urban management. Two main aspects emerged from the integrative overview of the current COVID-19 pandemic: 1. Communities should start sharing social actions and policy advocacy based on the assumption that human health strongly depends upon a sustainable exploitation of natural resources in populated areas. 2. The specific strategy role of the cities in developing sustainable food system and promoting healthy dietary patterns. Keywords: COVID-19, pandemic, food safety, virus, urban

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